“Seriously Blue” Elegant Onesie


This elegant onesie is super-easy to put on and super-easy to take off, but most importantly your shirt will never come untucked!

From our experiments, nobody can really figure out it's a onesie! Everybody thinks it's an elegant combination of shirt and pants.

The light-blue top is cotton.

The dark-blue pants are high-quality denim.

It's suitable for all kinds of events and activities. Ever wanted to ride your bicycle being elegant? In our onesie it's child's play!

We work with standard sizes for the shirts and the pants. The easiest way to figure your sizes is to simply check your favourite's shirt and pants sizes. The combination of those sizes will generate a unique onesie-size for you.

For a perfect fit we will ask you to measure the following (it's not a must, but it may help):

A: Your chest

B: Your waist

C: Your low hip

D: And your inside leg (measured from the crotch to the floor)

It's kinda' hard to measure yourself, so you could ask a friend to help you. We can understand either cm and inches. Those measures help us make sure the fit is perfect!

Machine wash at 30° and iron with care.

This is a pre-order!

And pre-orders come with 15% discounts!

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XS, S, M, L, XL

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