The Weirdo story begins with Ariel Constantinof’s (Facebook, Instagram, blog) obsession with onesies – that started around January 2017, when walking around Berlin he discovered a OnePiece store.

Fast-forward to November 2017 he managed to sew his first “elegant onesie”. Not by himself, of course, because he can’t actually sew, but by asking a dressmaker.

On 15 November 2017, Ariel tried on his first prototype, and it was crazy! It looked awesome and it was incredibly comfortable.

For the next few weeks he traveled around Europe and showed the prototype around. Random people started saying they’d want one too. The “thing” had no name at that time.

Having so many positive reactions towards the prototype with no name, enthusiasm grew fast! And so the idea of a pre-launch popped-up.

18 December 2017 is the day Weirdo launched “officially”, with two products: Kid Weirdo and Adult Weirdo, but also three combo-offers.

Now we call our “product” a “weirdo”. A “weirdo” is an “elegant onesie”. Crazy, right?

Our message to the world: We are all weird.

We have three big goals:

  1. Make elegance as comfortable as possible.
  2. Make elegance accessible (people who usually wouldn’t dress elegantly would do it now).
  3. Make elegance as fun as possible.

Our Long-term Mission is to create a new way of dressing.

weirdo = a person whose dress or behaviour seems strange or eccentric.