You love dressing up elegantly, but totally hate the stiffness of each elegant situation?

I know for a fact that I love riding my bicycle, and doing that ‘well-dressed’ can most of the time be a pain in the ass.

So that’s how I ended up with probably

the most elegant onesie I’ve seen so far on the whole internet.

I expect our style to be copied in less than a week,

and that would be the greatest compliment, haha!

My friends went nuts about the first prototype I made,

most of them started telling me they want one too.

Here are three pictures with the first prototype (15 November 2017):

So this is why I started this thing that I called Weirdo

… totally not inspired by Seth Godin’s book: We Are All Weird. 😜

I figured that if this product helps me, it may most probably help others too.

So I call this a pre-launch… does it sound important?

I want to tailor the first weirdos for my friends

and see who else in the whole world 🌎 would like one.

I’m looking to make a big list of weird people

willing to dress like this, and then start sewing happily.

Crazy? So it feels!

So here is our pre-launch:

Kid Weirdo

Pre-order price:

Try and tuck a kid’s shirt inside his pants, and he will probably hate you!

Adult Weirdo

Pre-order price:

Probably the most elegant onesie ever created for adults.

Extra discounts for those offers:

Kid + Adult Combo

Pre-order price: £179.00

That’s extra 5% off!

A combination of colourful shirts with crazy pants for father and son, where the shirts never come untucked!

Match them or don’t, we don’t really mind.

Friends Combo

Pre-order price: £179.00

That’s extra 5% off!

Got a friend crazy enough to wear a weirdo too? For real or imaginary friends: you get two at the price of almost two. It’s called a “discount”.

Weirdo Gang

Pre-order price: £393.00

That’s extra 15% off!

Got a gang (four other friends) crazy enough to wear a weirdo too? Or maybe you wanna have a weirdo for each working day?

Gift Card

Pre-order price: £106.00

That’s 20% off!

Got a friend crazy enough to wear a weirdo and you’d like to get him one? Perfect!

That’s exactly why me made the gift card! Transport and gift wrapping are part of this package. Could also work as a late Christmas gift…

Join Us!


Joining the committee comes with benefits and responsibilities: you help us with feedback and vote on important decisions we have to take.

In return we give you a lifetime of 20% discount for any of our products. It’s a long-term win-win-situation!

What if I really need to go take a sh*t? 💩

Most of the time this is the first question we get about our weirdos. Well, if you have to take care of number two, then you must undress the top half of yourself. It’s not that hard actually. It’s easier and faster then untucking your shirt and then tucking it back again.


How should I take care of a weirdo?

It depends on the specific materials your weirdo is sewed up of, but to keep it simple: wash it at 30˚, take care when you iron it.

How do I make sure it fits me well? 👕

We do have some standard sizes we work with, and then adjust some custom parts of the weirdo. In order to make sure it fits you well, we will offer a size chart to check. The easiest way to check your sizes is by checking the measures of your favourite shirt and favourite pants. Keep in mind that we’d never live with an unhappy customer. We will always change or adjust weirdos that don’t fit.

Got to the end and still don’t know what a weirdo is? 

Well, this is how it looks when it’s lonely. Its kinda ugly if you ask us. So don’t ever leave a weirdo feel lonely, haha!